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Helen Hopkins

Co-founder of The Shift Theatre

HELEN HOPKINS is co-founder of The Shift Theatre, a member of La Mama’s Committee of Management, a scriptwriter, theatre producer and an actor with a long career in both film and theatre, including many La Mama productions. Together with Carolyn Bock, she has written, produced and performed in The Girls in Grey and Hallowed Ground- Women, Doctors in War traveling to regional Victoria, N.S.W., S.A., W.A and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She previously performed in Nathan Curnow’s Dizney on Dry Ice for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Helen appeared in the Green Room Award winning In Angel Gear and Green Room Award nominated ensemble for The Merry Wives of Windsor. Recent film work includes horror film The Baga and Magpie (in production) directed by Kate Whitbread.

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